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What if the Product I want is out of stock?

If the product you need is currently out of stock, don’t worry. We are frequently restocking products and the one you need will soon be available. You can make a request to be notified when out of stock items are re-stocked. Click Here to Submit your information to be notified of a Products Restock

Do you ship to Canada or Alaska?

Yes We Do. However, it is costly. We have a calculated rate based on the product in your cart if you choose to ship to Canada or Alaska.More can be found here.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders are generally fulfilled within a business day of your order. Free Shipping The Free Shipping option uses available “standard” delivery methods for whichever carrier services your location. For many that means UPS ground, but for locations that UPS doesn’t go to –or is too expensive, we substitute a different carrier. We are based in […]

What is the difference between heat cable, heat tape and heat trace?

There is no difference. The terms heat cable, heat tape and heat trace are all used interchangeably to described heated cables used to protect pipes from freezing, preventing roof and gutter ice dams from forming and for safeguarding temperature sensitive components.

What is Self-Regulating Heat Tape?

Heat Tape purchased in big-box stores is most often constant wattage heat tape. “Constant Wattage” means: it’s always on. It is always drawing full power and is costing you peak energy expenses, which –over the length of a season can add up huge. Thought you were saving money on that heat tape you got at that home improvement store? Guess again. Radiant Solutions’ Heat […]

Do You Install Heat Tape?

We don’t install heat tape, but we know who does. We work with licensed roofers, electricians and other contractors as Installers of Radiant Solutions Products. We have installers all over the country. If you are interested in finding a Heat Tape PRO™ installer in your area, click here to submit your info. If we have an installer […]