How do I wrap a valve with Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape?

Pipe Freeze Pro self-regulating heat tape can be overlapped many times and in any pattern to get the job done. Simply wrap the heat tape around the valve in figure eights, spirals, zig-zags, our any other pattern that results in the heat tape covering all sides of the...

Do you install heat tape on pipes?

We have Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape installation partners around the United States and Canada. Click here to submit your information to us. We’ll respond quickly and let you know if your project falls within one of our service areas.

How should I secure heat trace heat tape to pipes?

You can use any tape with a minimum temperature rating of 176º F, with fiberglass cloth tape being the most common. Self-adhesive aluminum foil tape an be used to fully cover Pipe Freeze PRO heating cables. The aluminum material helps spread conductive heat to the...

Can heat tape melt plastic pipes?

No. Our self-regulating Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape can not get hot enough to melt pipes. It is quite safe and reliable for pipe freeze protection in a variety of circumstances.