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Can I use PipeFreezePRO on my roof or in my gutters?

No. PipeFreezePRO is not designed for use in outdoor conditions. The cable can be exposed to wetness but the thermostat must stay dry to function properly. Use PipeFreezePRO for pipe freeze prevention applications only.

Will my heat tape turn itself off?

The short answer is NO. Self-regulating heat cable does not turn itself on and off automatically. To do that you need to put the cable on a switched circuit or outlet or on a controller. Of course, you can also be old-school about it and simply plug and unplug as needed. “Self-Regulating” refers to the […]

What if the Product I want is out of stock?

If the product you need is currently out of stock, don’t worry. We are frequently restocking products and the one you need will soon be available. You can make a request to be notified when out of stock items are re-stocked. Click Here to Submit your information to be notified of a Products Restock

Do you ship to Canada or Alaska?

Yes We Do. However, it is costly. We have a calculated rate based on the product in your cart if you choose to ship to Canada or Alaska.More can be found here.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders are generally fulfilled within a business day of your order. Free Shipping The Free shipping option uses standard UPS ground delivery. We are based in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metro area, so depending on where you are located, your shipping time will vary. Here’s A link to shipping distances with Approximations of Lead […]

Can Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape be used on hot water pipes?

Sort of. Like Heat Tape Pro, Pipe Freeze Pro should not be installed on pipes that regularly heat up to over 150ºF as this may cause longterm damage to the heat cable. It therefore depends on how hot you have your water heater set to. On average, water heaters are set to about 140ºF to […]

How do I know if the heat tape is working?

Good news. Heat Tape Pro and Pipe Freeze Pro are the only heat cables in the world you can see is working. The GlowCap™ is the LED end cap used to terminate all of our pre-terminated heat cables. If you see the green light glowing at the end of the cable, the cable is working. […]

What is self-regulating pipe heat trace?

Pipe heat trace cable is the same thing as heat tape or heat cable. The terms are used interchangeably to refer to a category of cables designed to keep water in pipes from freezing.

How do I wrap a valve with Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape?

Because our heat cable can be overlapped, there is no specific way to wrap valves. A simple loop of cable around the body of the valve will be enough. A couple things to remember. First, try to keep the cable in contact with the valve so the heat transfers effectively from the cable to the […]