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What do I do with the integrated Thermostat on PipeFreeze Pro?


Pipe Freeze Pro’s integrated thermostat turns power on and off automatically to the cable to save electricity. The thermostat is the lump located between the power cord and the heat cable. The thermostat triggers the cable to turn on at 37ºF and off at 50ºF, with a sensitivity range of +/- 4ºF.  It’s a great feature that makes Pipe Freeze Pro unique among heat cables on the market.

Can Pipe Freeze Pro get wet?

Yes and no. The cable is approved for exposure to wet conditions but you should keep the thermostat dry for proper operation.

Does the thermostat/sensor need to be touching the Pipe?

No. The thermostat need only be exposed to cold air. It does not hurt to have the thermostat attached to the pipe but it is not necessary. If you choose to attach it to the pipe keep in mind that the thermostat should not be covered with insulation.

Should the thermostat be under the insulation?

No. You want the thermostat to react to the cold environment so it triggers the Pipe Freeze Pro to turn on.

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