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A note from Steve Kuhl, Founder and CEO of Radiant Solutions Company.

Let me start by telling you a bit about who we aren’t as a company.

My company is made of people just like you. We want to earn an honest living doing something we love. We want to build a future for our children. We want you to be so happy with your Radiant Solutions purchases that you tell all of your friends.

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While we think of ourselves as fun people, we are dead serious about keeping you happy, from the moment you reach out through the completion of your project and beyond. Oh, and have I mentioned that we sell the very finest radiant heating products you can find? It’s true. Our products are manufactured by people I know and trust because I would have it no other way. I’ve been in the business of radiant floors, ice dam prevention and residential construction for the past quarter century so I’m fussy about my suppliers. I only work with the best.

I grew up in a modest, working-class home in Glen Lake, a small city just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was there, in 1988, at the age of 17 that I converted the closet in my bedroom into my first office. As my mom will proudly tell you, as of 2015, one of my companies, Kuhl Design Build, was one of the largest residential construction companies in Minnesota. Kuhl Design Build is built on the idea of excellence in project design and delivery. We’ve done countless kitchens and baths, many of which I have personally designed. Our recent luxury home was featured in the prestigious “Houses” issue of Fine Home Building Magazine. Honestly, I’m super proud of that because I designed every square inch of that project. You can see that building and maintaining homes is in my DNA. I’ve lived and breathed it for the past 27 years. It is all I know.

All of this is to say I didn’t come to the idea of starting Radiant Solutions Company randomly. This isn’t a second career for me; it’s an extension of my passion for homes. More than that, Radiant Solutions Company was created to build a legacy for my two beautiful children, Charlie and Leo.

That is a bit about me and my motivations. I promise to honor your choice to work with us over our competition by treating you with respect, by being honest and always shooting straight. That’s how I roll (cable spool pun intended).

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