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Pipe Freeze Prevention Products

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing and Bursting

Pipe Freeze Heat Tape & Accessories

Radiant Solutions offers the most innovative self-regulating ice dam heat tape and the most comprehensive installation component system available, with over 15 clips designed for different roofing systems and uses.

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3 watt Plug-in Heat Tape

Perfect for residential pipe freeze protection, PipeFreezePRO is a 3 watt self-regulating heat tape for pipe freeze protection. Just apply to your pipe and plug into a standard outlet. PipeFreeze Pro features an integrated thermostatic switch, an illuminated LED plug and GlowCap™ – our innovative, illuminating end-seal that shows you when your heat tape is working. Do not use for ice dam prevention or in wet locations.

Available from 3-feet to 200-feet.

6 watt Plug-in Heat Tape

Heat Tape PRO is our heavy duty, 12mm self-regulating heat cable designed to meet the most rigorous demands in both the roof and gutter and pipe freeze prevention markets. It features a 10 foot power cord, illuminated LED plug and patented GlowCap™ end-seal that shows you when your heat tape is working. Simply add a ThermaCord™ to turn the cable on and off automatically.

Available from 6-feet to 150-feet.

Heat Tape Installation Accessories

Heat tape clips, mounts, and guards for the installation of ice dam heat tape on any type of roof material.