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Ice Dam Prevention Products

Protect Your Home from Damage Caused by Roof & Gutter Ice

Ice Dam Heat Tape & Accessories

Radiant Solutions offers the most innovative self-regulating ice dam heat tape and the most comprehensive installation component system available, with over 15 clips designed for different roofing systems and uses.

Plug-in Heat Tape

Plug-in and go, right out of the box. No need to wire into power, seal end-terminations, or connect to a controller of any type. Featuring premium construction, an LED-lit plug that works with any standard outside outlet and GlowCap™ the light-up end seal indicator to show you when your heat tape is working.

Available from 6-feet to 150-feet.

Hardwired Heat Tape on Spools

Cut to length and hardwire directly into your junction box; add a controller, a GlowCap™ end seal kit, or splice and tee your cable to customize your configuration.

Available in a 250-foot coil, 500-foot spool, and 1000-feet spool at 6 watts per for or 8 watts in 120 volts and 240 volts.

Heat Tape Installation Accessories

Heat tape clips, mounts, and guards for the installation of ice dam heat tape on any type of roof material.

Heat Tape Electric / Wiring Accessories

End seals, conversion kits and splicing kits for hard-wired heat tape.

Plug-in Heat Tape Controller

Automatically turn your heat tape on & off so you can rest assured your heat tape is working when you need it and not using precious electricity when you don’t. Simply plug your heat tape into this short extension that has an integrated thermostatically controlled switch.

Installation Adhesives & Fasteners

All weather adhesives, adhesives pads and fastening hardware for the installation of Ice Dam heat tape.