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Single Heat Tape Controller with Sensor (DS8-C)

The DS8 turns hardwired heat cable systems on and off using both temperature and moisture, saving you a lot on your electric bill. This controller works with any Heat Tape PRO spooled cables from 6 watt to 8 watt, from 120 volts up to 277 volts. The DS8 will control a single 30 amp circuit at 277 volts.

  • Controls a single 30 amp, 277 volt circuit
  • Replaceable precipitation sensor
  • Adjustable temperature trigger point
  • Adjustable delay off drying timer
  • Adjustable precipitation sensitivity
  • Bright LED activation light
  • Three operating modes: ‘Manual On’, ‘Automatic’, & ‘Reset’


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Single Heat Tape Controller with Sensor (DS8-C)

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“Heat Tape Pro did exactly what I needed it to do. Now I don’t have to worry about water leaking into my house, because I can tell when it’s working by the little light on the end of the cable.”

-Michael P.
Amazon Customer


“This heat tape works as advertised. It was delivered to me fast, and although it’s a little complicated to install, the documentation is good..”

-Shaun D.
Radiant Solutions Customer


“I install thousands of feet of heat tape every year. This is the best stuff I’ve found to protect my customers homes and give them the piece of mind they need.”

-Patrick B.
Professional Installer

More About Single Heat Tape Controller with Sensor (DS8-C)

DS8 units operate by detecting environmental conditions through a base mounted temperature sensor and a remote heated precipitation sensor. When rain or snow land on the precipitation sensor, your cable system will turn on. The small heater in the sensor then rapidly evaporates the moisture, clearing the sensor in preparation for the next cycle. Smart stuff. The precipitation sensor is connected to a 10 foot cable and is intended for remote mounting near the roof deicing system. Use an EX-50 extension kit (with coupler) to put the precipitation sensor up to 60 feet away from the DS8 unit. 

Signals from the sensor are supplied to the microcontroller which determines the appropriate action based on the system settings.  

The difference between “sensor” and “controller” modes is the “Delay Off” drying cycle provided by each configuration. “Delay Off” time is the amount of time the sensor/controller will hold the load control relay(s) closed after the last detection of rain or snow. Proper setting of “Delay Off” assures that heat cables have created a sufficient melted pathway through the snow/ice on the roof. 

The DS8 & DS9 heat cable controllers detect snow and rain in addition to directly controlling the cables themselves by pushing power into the cable only when called for. The DS8/DS9 is constructed of a durable NEMA 3R enclosure, rated for outdoor use and has a 3/4 Inch conduit hub and operates from -40F to +185F. The power pigtails are #14 Blue/Brown/Green and the load pigtails are #10 AWG Yellow.

Single Heat Tape Controller with Sensor (DS8-C) FAQs

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