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Heat Tape Calculator for

Shingled Roofs

Use the following calculator to help determine what length of cable
and how many clips you need.

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Measuring for Heat Tape, Step 1

How to Measure for Heat Tape Purchase/ Installation:

  1. Measure the linear feet of roof eave (A) that you want to protect
  2. Measure the depth of the eave (B)
  3. Note any valleys in the roof (C) that exist where the heat cable will be installed
  4. If there are gutters, make note of the number of downspouts
Roof types for Heat Tape

Large Job Options

If your heat cable project requires more than 150 feet, you have two simple options: Use a pair of our plug-in ready HeatTapePRO cables or, hardwire a single 240 volt cable from a spool.

Option 1:

heat tape installation 2 cables

Two Plug-in Cables

Requires Two Outlets on Different Circuits

It’s often possible to use two standard, plug-in ready HeatTapePRO cables to addess larger areas. You will need to plug the cable into separate outlets on different circuits. Remember, all HeatTapePRO cables have a 10-foot length of power cord not included in it’s stated length.

To use two plug-in cables, divide your planned layout into two sections, and calculate the length needed for each.

Option 2:

heat tape installation 240v cable

A Single 240 Volt Cable

Hardwired: Requires a Junction Box

You can install up to 375 feet of our 6 watt, 240 volt heat cable on a 240 volt circuit. Installing spooled cable is identical to pre-assembled cables with the exception of connections and terminations. You must terminate the end of your cable with either our traditional End Seal Kit, or our popular GlowCap End Seal Kit. You will also need to connect your heat cable to a junction box fed by 240 volts using our Hardwire Connection Kit. Connection kits take about 10 minutes to execute.