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PyroSelf – Snow and Ice Sensor Kit X

Full Kit with Controller, Remote & Mount

Roof snow and Ice sensor kit that contains the sensor, the sensor mount, the remote control and an internal receiver –so you don’t have go outside to get line-of-site with your unit. For use with your hard-wired ice dam heat tape. Early detection of snow and ice precipitation and subsequent activation of your heat tape can maximize the effectiveness of your ice dam prevention system.


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PyroSelf – Snow and Ice Sensor Kit X

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“Heat Tape Pro did exactly what I needed it to do. Now I don’t have to worry about water leaking into my house, because I can tell when it’s working by the little light on the end of the cable.”

-Michael P.
Amazon Customer


“This heat tape works as advertised. It was delivered to me fast, and although it’s a little complicated to install, the documentation is good..”

-Shaun D.
Radiant Solutions Customer


“I install thousands of feet of heat tape every year. This is the best stuff I’ve found to protect my customers homes and give them the piece of mind they need.”

-Patrick B.
Professional Installer

More About PyroSelf – Snow and Ice Sensor Kit X

Our PYROSelf Snow and Ice Melt Sensor-Controller Kit X is an all-in-one snow sensor & controller for light commercial and residential use. A “plug and Play” controller for frost protection, as well as ice and snow melt applications. When receiving a signal from the built-in snow sensor, it activates the contactors energizing the heating elements. Based on the configuration and settings, the two outputs to the two zones are activated together or in staggering mode. The outdoor temperature set-point as well as the ambient lower limit temperature can be easily set by the remote control. The Technician Settings mode allows the installer or technician to adjust the parameters for customized installations using the remote control. The adjustable time delay (Hold On) is adjustable in the range of 0 up to 48 hours. Installing the system is a quick and easy task. Apart of mounting the metal box to the wall, the installer needs only to connect the line in and line out wires in the marked terminals and the system is ready to work. Kit includes: the PYROself-X Sensor, the PYRO bracket, and the PYRO remote control and the PYRO IRP receiver.

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