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Roof Clip Adhesive Surebond SB-190

Industrial Strength Adhesive for Ice Dam Roof Clips

Industrial-Strength, Exterior Grade, Clear, Versatile Adhesive For Roof Snow Guards, Heat Tape Roof Clips, Roof Accessories, and General Construction Applications, 2,000 PSI Tensile Strength

Size: 10.5 oz. Tube
Available in: Single Tube or Case of 12
Color: clear


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Roof Clip Adhesive Surebond SB-190

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“Heat Tape Pro did exactly what I needed it to do. Now I don’t have to worry about water leaking into my house, because I can tell when it’s working by the little light on the end of the cable.”

-Michael P.
Amazon Customer


“This heat tape works as advertised. It was delivered to me fast, and although it’s a little complicated to install, the documentation is good..”

-Shaun D.
Radiant Solutions Customer


“I install thousands of feet of heat tape every year. This is the best stuff I’ve found to protect my customers homes and give them the piece of mind they need.”

-Patrick B.
Professional Installer

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