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Using a Tee & Splice Kit On a Dormer

Generally speaking, the tee and splice kit is an underutilized thing. They allow for the simple repair of self-regulating heat tape that is damaged. They also allow you to quickly create a branch of heat cable that travels to a different area such as a dormer with a valley.

Hardwire Connection Kit Use Study: Heat Cable on Dormer

Hardwire connection kit heat tape on dormer

Typical gutter downspouts on residential homes are either 2″ x 3″ or 3″ x 4″. It’s acceptable to install a single or a double heat cable run in the standard downspout. It’s a good idea to use CableGuard to protect your tape system against common damage at these locations

Roof De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

Here is a helpful rendering to show some of the most common areas where heat tape is used for roof and gutter de icing. Click on any of the circled areas to find the product you need. You will be brought directly to the product page and given a lot more information