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7 Questions to Ask Your Heat Tape Installation Contractor

We’ve discovered there are many contractors around the country who call themselves heat tape ‘experts’ despite the fact that they know very little about the topic. If you are hiring someone to install heat cable on your home, here are some tips to ensure the best outcome possible.

How Hot Does Heat Cable Get?

One of the most common questions we get asked is about how hot heat cable gets. People are naturally concerned about whether or not heat cable will pose a potential threat to a wide variety of things, including roofing material, plastics, dry leaves and more

Heat Cable Roof Clip Index for Every Roof Type

Use this visual index to choose the right heat cable roof clip for your application. There’s more than one way to skin a cat and there is likewise usually more than one way to install heat tape on any particular roof system. Call us if you need help and don’t find the answer below

Comparing Constant Wattage and Self-Regulating Heat Cable

There are two basic families of heat tape used for roof and gutter de-icing and pipe freeze protection in North America: Constant Wattage and Self-Regulating. We have laid out the primary differences below to help you understand the pros and cons of each system

Roof Deicing with Heat Cable part 1

How high up the roof do you need to install heat cable to prevent ice dams on a standard sloped roof system? In this case study we explore the “6 inch rule” in addition to the basics behind standard Ice Dam formation. Heat cable, tracing height is all about soffit depth

4 Steps to Measuring for Your Heat Cable System

measuring for heat tape

Before developing our intelligent Heat Tape Calculator, we used to ask customers to do all sorts of math to figure out what length of cable they needed and how many roof clips to buy. Now, all you need to is plug a couple of simple numbers into the calculator.

Is My Heat Cable Working?

Let’s take a look at a collection of standard 6 watt/foot self-regulating heat cable in a variety of environmental conditions. Knowing whether or not your heat tape system is working can be tricky (one reason why people love the GlowCap™).

Heat Cable Roof Clips, Part 3

An introduction to the Radiant Solutions company heat tape clip family including our popular heat cable separator clip, the classic nail on roof clip, our 16″ copper clip for slate roofs and our Cable Guard, which protects cable against damage in common areas

Heat Cable Roof Clips, Part 2

An introduction to the Radiant Solutions company heat tape clip family including the our butyl pads for roof clips, our standing seam metal roof clip, the S5 roof clamp and our patent-pending S5 roof clamp adapter for heat cable installation

Heat Cable Roof Clips: Part 1

An introduction to the ever-growing family of Radiant Solutions Company heat tape roof clips including the best selling Grip Clip, the Multi-Purpose Clip, the Corrugated Metal Roof Clip and the Jumbo Flat Roof Glue Down Clip, which is used for installing heat cable of both flat roofs and metal roofs.