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Ultimate Guide to Ice Dam Prevention Methods

In terms of ice dam prevention there are no truly “cheap” solutions. Homeowners must choose from the lesser of three evils: 1) Spend a lot on architectural enhancements, 2) Spend a lot on professional roof shoveling or risk a lot doing it themselves or, 3) Spend a fair amount on heat cables.

9 Common Ice Dam Locations

Here are the most common locations where ice dams do and do not happen on residential properties. This will help in terms of understanding where the most common heat tape installations occur so you can create a targeted approach to ice dam management

How Ice Dams Cause Leaks 1

Ice dam basics. Let’s look at a cross-section to discuss the physics. This diagram illustrates the movement of water as it leaks through the roof system and into the home. We also introduce the concept of the “origin zone” (the leading edge of ice dams where leaks originate)

Roof Deicing with Heat Cable part 1

How high up the roof do you need to install heat cable to prevent ice dams on a standard sloped roof system? In this case study we explore the “6 inch rule” in addition to the basics behind standard Ice Dam formation. Heat cable, tracing height is all about soffit depth

Installing Heat Cable on Metal Roofs with S5 Roof Clamps

When it comes to installing heat tape on metal roofs, roof clamps are a common choice. These devices are relatively simple to install and provide a sturdy anchor point for self-regulating heat cable without any adhesives needed (or penetrations associated with other methods).

Do Gutters Cause Ice Dams?

gutters and ice dams

Do gutters cause ice dams? Do they make ice dams worse? Is it necessary to install heat cable on the roof to prevent damage from ice dams, or would it suffice to install the cable in the gutters? Let’s look at the relationship between gutters and ice dams

Roof De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

Here is a helpful rendering to show some of the most common areas where heat tape is used for roof and gutter de icing. Click on any of the circled areas to find the product you need. You will be brought directly to the product page and given a lot more information