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Installing Heat Cable on Standing Seam Roofs

Use LEO-215 StickyClips™ self-adhesive heat cable clips to install Heat Tape PRO on standing seam metal roofs, or rubber membranes, or just about anything smooth. The width and height of the metal roof seams are not relevant because the clips are adhered to flat surface of the metal roof.

Metal Roof Heat Cable Clip Cheat Sheet

Metal Roofs and Heat Cable

Heat tape clips index for metal roofs. If you need to mount de-icing cable on corrugated metal, standing seams, snap-lock seams, R-panels, flat panels, we have your solution. Here are a few applications of our patented heat cable clips in the world of metal roofing

A Visual Guide to Metal Roof Heat Tape Styles & Clips

metal roofs and heat tape

There are a lot of different types of sheet metal roofs and we have developed intelligent solutions for heat cable installation on each of them. Heat Tape PRO Self-Regulating Heat Cable is approved for use on all types of metal roofing

Heat Tape on Metal Roofs Installation Tips, Part 1

Heat Tape on Metal Roofs

Historically, there have been two methods for installing heat tape on standing seam metal roofs: 1) Glue clips to the surface or, 2) Use compression-based roof clamps that grip onto the standing seam. The GVG Heat Tape Clip is a clever answer to those challenges

Roof De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

Here is a helpful rendering to show some of the most common areas where heat tape is used for roof and gutter de icing. Click on any of the circled areas to find the product you need. You will be brought directly to the product page and given a lot more information