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How to Use Grip Clips to install Heat Cable in Valleys

The Grip Clip™ is the only heat cable clip in the world that does not threaten the warranty of asphalt shingle roof systems. No nails or adhesives are needed. Grip Clips™ also work well in valleys because the arm of the clips places the heat tape near the centerline of the valley

Preventing Ice Dams in Valleys Using Heat Cable

Preventing Ice Dams in Valleys

Use the Radiant Solutions Company IDP-113 Nail On Roof Clip to secure heat cable near valleys as illustrated here. Although not the preferred method by most installers, old school contractors still swear by this tried and true roof clip

Roof De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

De-Icing Cable for Ice Dam Prevention

Here is a helpful rendering to show some of the most common areas where heat tape is used for roof and gutter de icing. Click on any of the circled areas to find the product you need. You will be brought directly to the product page and given a lot more information