Do You Install Heat Tape?

We don’t install heat tape, but we know who does. We work with licensed roofers, electricians and other contractors as Authorized Installer’s of Radiant Solutions Products. We have authorized installers all over the country. If you are interested in finding an authorized Heat Tape PRO™ installer in your area, click here to submit your info.

How do I know how much heat tape to get?

Check Out Our Heat Tape Calculator! You can use our Heat Tape Calculator to help you determine the length of heat tape you need, the number of GripClips, nail-on heat tape clips, and the number of Downspout Hangers you need. Category: Roof & Gutter Installation

What Kind of Roof can I Install Heat Tape On?

You can install Heat Tape on pretty much any type of roof. This includes, but is not limited to: The type of roof you have determines the roof clips and accessories needed. Check out our Heat Tape Installation Accessories. Categories: Roof & Gutter Installation, Roof Types