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Installing Roof De-Icing Heat Cable in Valleys

What is a Valley? First things first. Let’s clear up the obvious question. A valley is simply a drainage line between two intersecting roof planes. A roof valley is no different than a valley in a mountainous landscape. It’s a low spot between two or more high spots. Valleys fall into two classifications, open and […]

Installing Heat Cable on Dormers

Heat Cable Power Supply from Junction Boxes When possible, it’s great to have the power sources as close as possible to the heat tape installation area. In the case of a dormer that means installing the junction box under the eave (See Point 1). The wisdom being that because dormers are often isolated architectural features […]

How to Install Heat Tape On a Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Part One

Options for Metal Roof Heat Cable Clips Historically, there have been two methods for installing heat cable on standing seam metal roofs: 1) Glue clips to the surface or, 2) Use compression-based roof clamps that grip onto the standing seam. Both are valid approaches but both have their drawbacks. Option one leaves nasty adhesive behind […]