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Yes We Do. However, it is costly.

We have a calculated rate based on the product in your cart if you choose to ship to Canada or Alaska.
More can be found here.

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Orders are generally fulfilled within a business day of your order.

Free Shipping

The Free shipping option uses standard UPS ground delivery. We are based in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metro area, so depending on where you are located, your shipping time will vary.

Here’s A link to shipping distances with Approximations of Lead times

2-Day Shipping

If you can’t wait for your product to arrive via UPS ground, Radiant Solutions also offers a paid, 2-day shipping option. One thing to keep in mind: our cables are fairly heavy, which mean they are expensive for us to ship. This means that they are even more expensive to ship expeditiously. A little bit of planning ahead can save you some good money.

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If the product you need is currently out of stock, don’t worry.

We are frequently restocking products and the one you need will soon be available. You can make a request to be notified when out of stock items are re-stocked.

Click Here to Submit your information to be notified of a Products Restock

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