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Heat Tape Pro

Self-Regulating Plug-in Ice Dam Heat Tape

Heavy-duty self-regulating ice dam heat tape for use in controlling ice dam build-up and preventing water damage that can be the result of ice dams. This heat tape is the highest-quality, most effective ice dam heat tape on the market. It will save you money in energy costs, and replacement expense.

Quick Specs: (See Product Manual Tab for more details)

  • 10’ Power Cord (14AWG), with LED Plug
  • Cable Dimensions: 6mm x 12mm
  • GlowCap™ LED End Seal
  • Heat Tape Wattage: 6w/ft @ 50ºF (9.6w/ft @ 32º or lower
  • Heat Tape Voltage: 120 volts
  • Operating Temperature: 40ºF-90ºF (Typical)
  • Applications: Roof, Gutter & Pipe
  • Outer Jacket: UV-Resistant TPE

Note: Stated Cable Length DOES NOT include 10ft power cord


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“Heat Tape Pro did exactly what I needed it to do. Now I don’t have to worry about water leaking into my house, because I can tell when it’s working by the little light on the end of the cable.”

-Michael P.
Amazon Customer


“This heat tape works as advertised. It was delivered to me fast, and although it’s a little complicated to install, the documentation is good..”

-Shaun D.
Radiant Solutions Customer


“I install thousands of feet of heat tape every year. This is the best stuff I’ve found to protect my customers homes and give them the piece of mind they need.”

-Patrick B.
Professional Installer

More About Heat Tape Pro

Radiant Solution’s Heat Tape PRO™ Self-Regulating Heat Cable is built to ensure that your gutters and roof remain clear of snow and ice allowing water to flow and run off all winter long. The easy plug-in installation makes the process go quickly so you can easily be prepared long before winter and ice dams arrive. Manufactured from quality materials so you can install Heat Tape PRO with confidence in light-commercial or industrial applications.

This premium heat tape is designed for a variety of ice dam protection applications. The cable is constructed so that it will not burn out or overheat when overlapped, and can be used on metal and plastic pipes. The cable is pre-terminated with a 10-foot, 14 gauge cold lead and 3-prong grounded illuminated plug.

Backed by an unprecedented 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Heat Tape Pro FAQs

Including a thermostatic heat tape switch or controller in your installation will cut power to your heat tape in times it is not needed. This will lesson your environmental footprint and save you money.

Savings will always depend on the weather and how often you have temperatures above the threshold that the switch turns on your heat cable. In most situations where heat cable is needed, savings will offset the cost of the ThermaCord and then some.

Self-Regulating Heat Tape will draw variable Power depending on the ambient temperature. It draws more power when temperatures are cold and less power when temperatures are warmer. However when the self-regulating cable is plugged in, it is always working, even if only slightly drawing power in warm temperatures. Adding the temperature-controlled switch like ThermaCord to plug-in heat tape or a Thermostatic Controller with Sensor to field assembled cable, will cut the supply of power to your Heat tape when it is not needed.

This will save you energy Costs.

The short answer is NO. Self-regulating heat cable does not turn itself on and off automatically. To do that you need to put the cable on a switched circuit or outlet or on a controller. Of course, you can also be old-school about it and simply plug and unplug as needed.

“Self-Regulating” refers to the fact that these cables are temperature sensitive. Due to their construction, these cables sense changes in temperature along their entire length, demanding more power as temps fall and less when they rise.

PipeFreeeze Pro™, Pipe Freeze Protection Solution has a built in thermostatic switch, meaning it will turn on and off on it’s own.

Heat Tape Pro™, does not contain a built-in thermostatic controller. We recommend adding the ThermaCord™ Thermostatic controller to turn your Heat Tape PRO to turn the cable on and off with changes in temperature.