Can I use PipeFreezePRO on my roof or in my gutters?

No. PipeFreezePRO is not designed for use in outdoor conditions. The cable can be exposed to wetness but the thermostat must stay dry to function properly. Use PipeFreezePRO for pipe freeze prevention applications only.

Will my heat tape turn itself off?

The short answer is NO. Self-regulating heat cable does not turn itself on and off automatically. To do that you need to put the cable on a switched circuit or outlet or on a controller. Of course, you can also be old-school about it and simply plug and unplug as needed. “Self-Regulating” refers to the […]

Can Pipe Freeze Pro be used inside a pipe?

No. It is not recommended to use pipe. Freeze pro inside of pipes. Consider using Heat Tape Pro inside of open drain pipes as that cable is rated for use in wet areas.

Can heat tape melt plastic pipes?

No. Not even close. Our cables operate at between 40ºF to 90ºF so they will not melt or damage any surface or material they come into contact with. Except chocolate. Our cables will thoroughly melt chocolate.

How much Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape do I need to protect pipes from freezing?

The amount of heat cable needed for pipe freeze prevention is determined by a couple of simple factors including: Length of pipe, diameter of pipe, distance to power supply and number of valves. We do not recommend a spiral cable application mostly because it’s simply not necessary. It requires 3x the cable to do the […]

Can you overlap Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape when installed on pipe?

Totally. Pipe Freeze PRO can be overlapped during installation. This is a fundamental advantage of self-regulating heat cable over cheap, constant wattage cable found in hardware stores is that it can be overlapped without risk of shorting out or catching fire. So yes, overlap away!

What is Self-Regulating Heat Tape?

Heat Tape purchased in big-box stores is most often constant wattage heat tape. “Constant Wattage” means: it’s always on. It is always drawing full power and is costing you peak energy expenses, which –over the length of a season can add up huge. Thought you were saving money on that heat tape you got at that home improvement store? Guess again. Radiant Solutions’ Heat […]

If Pipe Freeze Pro is Self-Regulating, why is there a thermostat?

The Thermostat keeps the heat cable turned off (and thus draw no power) until it detects temperatures below 37ºF. Once it turns on, the self-regulating aspect takes over and directs heat to the area(s) of the cable that are in contact with the cold. The thermostat should be positioned outside of the insulating layer so it […]